Occupational Therapy practitioners ask “What matters to you?” not “What’s the matter with you?” – Ginny Stoffel

Occupational Therapy (O.T.) is a holistic health care profession which looks at an individual as a whole. The three main areas of an individual’s life O.T.s look at is self-care, productivity & leisure. Occupational Therapists work collaboratively with their clients to help them discover the tools to assist them in reaching their goals.


At Intuitive Therapy Solutions, we value a strength based, function focused framework where we are able to get to know our client’s strengths and build upon them to help them achieve their goals. Our therapists are all registered with their respective regulating bodies and are up to date on the current research to support their practices and provide the best care for clients.


Beyond this, our therapists bring an extraordinary gift to their practice, one that is not taught in school, this being Intuition. Throughout your experience with our therapists, they will not only provide current evidence based strategies to help you achieve your goals, but they will also use their highly attuned intuition to help you discover your own intuitive therapy solutions