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Intake & Assessments

When you connect with us we will complete a preliminary screen of your needs and goals. We will then discuss what services you are looking for, this is complimentary.

 Based on our screen, we will set up an initial assessment with one of our therapists, who will work with you to set goals and determine therapy needs. 

Assessment timeframes vary depending on the nature of the assessment. Please call to inquire about your specific needs and a estimate will be provided based on your needs. 

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Intuitive Therapy Solutions completes therapy in your home or community setting, depending on your preference and goals. 

After your initial assessment therapists will provide recommendations for therapy interventions & the frequency recommended to help you achieve your goals. 

Therapy sessions average in length from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the nature of the intervention, your needs, and your age. 

15-30 minutes of the session is typically set aside for documentation. 


Intuitive Therapy Solutions Ltd. operates on a fee-for-service model to allow our clients to be provided with therapy services in a timely manner. 

We provide invoices for submission to private insurance companies. Many insurance plans provide funding for therapy services. Please check with your provider for your specific coverage details.

Please contact us for our information on our fee schedule for assessments & therapy services. Depending on your area of residence travel fees may apply. 

We are able to provide services to families with F.S.C.D funding.

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