Who Are We?

Intuitive Therapy Solutions Ltd. is a community-based private therapy practice offering simple, intuitive, evidence-based solutions for families with children ages 0-18. We work with families and their children to help you learn and implement your child’s individualized solutions to achieve their goals.

Intuitive Therapy Solutions specializes in pediatric Feeding Therapy through our Intuitive Feeding program, in partnership with Grassroots Nutrition. Intuitive Feeding helps children and their families in reconnecting with their intuition to make mealtimes nourishing and enjoyable!

For more information visit out Intuitive Feeding program HERE.


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Our Services

Our services take place in our client's homes and communities, as we believe these are the most beneficial and practical environments to receive therapy.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to see discuss how we may be able to help you achieve your therapy goals.

Intuitive Therapy Solutions


Intuitive Therapy Solutions strives to enable families to achieve their personal goals for their children through simple, effective and intuitive solutions allowing them to live out their best life, doing the things they want to be able to do.


We are passionate about providing evidence-based therapy with exceptional use of intuition while working with our clients in assessing their needs, developing their goals, and providing solutions & insight to promote function. We believe in building upon our client’s strengths and interests to help you move towards achieving your goals.

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