Administrative Team

Crystal S., CYCW

Administrative Assistant

Crystal joins the team with a background of working in independent medical clinics. Her degree as a Child and Youth Care Worker, provides a unique perspective when engaging with our families. Her main focus is on providing passionate and caring attention to our clients.

Crystal is the first point of contact with our families and is instrumental in supporting our team. She looks forward to having the opportunity to guide your family through initiating your support journey!

Occupational Therapists

Stephanie Forseth Intuitive Therapy Solutions Airdrie, AB

Stephanie Forseth B.Kin, MSc. O.T.

Occupational Therapist, Founder

 Stephanie studied at the University of Calgary, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology in 2009. From there, she sought out further education and graduated from Dalhousie University with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.

She believes there is more to therapy than merely the credentials to practice. While this is important & necessary, she believes in the power of one’s therapeutic use of their personality and their intuition to provide quality & effective therapy. 

Stephanie holds a special interest and has specialized training in Pediatric Feeding Therapy. She is pleased to offer specialized services specific to this area, through the Intuitive Feeding program.  Please visit the Intuitive Feeding website HERE for more information on this service. 

Outside of Occupational Therapy, Stephanie can be found adventuring around the world, spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors whether it be hiking, camping, rafting or snowmobiling in the mountains.

Publications: Working with transgender clients: Learning from physicians and nurses to improve occupational therapy practice.

Sarina S., M.Sc. O.T.

Occupational Therapist

Sarina holds degrees in both Psychology (B.A.) and Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (B.C.R) from the University of Calgary, and is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia, Master of Occupational Therapy program (MOT). As an Occupational Therapist, Sarina is passionate about supporting children and families in both the community and educational settings. Occupational Therapy is about supporting ALL individuals in the activities that are meaningful to them and promoting inclusion in systems. Sarina cares about helping clients achieve their individual goals and uses a trauma-informed, client-centered, and inclusive approach in her practice. Prior to practicing as an Occupational Therapist, Sarina worked as a Vocational Specialist where she assisted clients in obtaining employment following injury and/or illness.

Sarina loves exploring the outdoors and spends time hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, enjoying local parks, walking her mini Aussie, and practicing yoga. She is enthusiastic about life-long learning and enjoys taking interest-related courses and is currently reading When the Body Says No, by Gabor Mate; as well as DIR Floortime, by Dr. Stanley Greenspan.

Lilian G., M.Sc. O.T.

Occupational Therapist

Lilian shares a dedicated passion in fostering cultures of empathy. She possesses a capacity to relate to individuals with diverse backgrounds, through her strengths in active listening, and perspective taking. Lilian additionally holds a strong interest in inclusive, anti-oppressive practices, trauma-informed care, and cultural humility, as well as engagement in ongoing dialogues in promoting reconciliation and decolonization. 

Outside of work, Lilian adores her family and two cats – Veggie and Rice. Lilian LOVES to garden and she enjoys designing and creating jewelry for her small jewelry business. Lastly, sharpening pencils, sniffing mint scented soaps, tasting tangy oranges and listening to the rhythm of tooth brushing, are all activities that bring joyful glimmers to Lilian’s day! 

Linda E., B.Sc. O.T.

Occupational Therapist

Linda graduated from University of Alberta.  She   has more than 15 years experience working with both children and adults who have disabilities – in their homes, schools and communities. Wherever possible she tries to make therapy fun and strives to enable  individuals and families do what they want and need to do.  

She has addressed fine motor, self-help, sensory and self-regulation issues.

Behavioral Consultants

BCBA, therapy team, airdrie

Jaimie G., M.PEd., Ph.D candidate, BCBA

                 Behavioral Analyst

Jaimie graduated from the University of Calgary in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. She then took her Masters of Professional Education Specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and graduated in 2020 where she then completed her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification. She is currently enrolled in her third year of PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Jaimie has been supporting children and their families for the past ten years in home, school, community, and clinical settings. 


Jaimie believes that each individual is unique and therefore their therapy should be too. She believes in providing individualized services that are evidence based and focus on the individual’s strengths.

Gael C., M.Sc., BCBA

                 Behavioral Analyst

Gael is a graduate of the Masters of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) Program at the Western Connecticut State University, and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). In her 5 years of working in the field of ABA, she has worked with complex needs individuals in the pediatric, adolescent and adult population. 

Gael is committed to the use of evidence-based practices and specializes in the assessment and treatment of challenging behaviors. Her scope of competence ranges from assessments (Functional Analysis, functional behavior assessments, etc.), to the development of skill acquisition programs. 

Gael’s mission statement to her practice is guided by function (cause of the behavior) and family (what is meaningful to the Individual and their families). She prides herself on prioritizing cultural responsivity given the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of families she works with, as well as individualizing treatment plans to the needs of the Learner. 

In her free time, Gael enjoys watching horror movies, playing volleyball and exploring the outdoors with her husband!

Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitian Calgary, Airdrie, Pediatric Nutrition, Picky Eaters Calgary, Intuitive Feeding

Leslie Steeves B.Sc.

Registered Dietitian 

Leslie is a Registered Dietitian based out of Calgary, Alberta. Offering private nutrition coaching to help people heal their relationship with food and their body. Leslie is passionate about re-defining what well-being means by looking at mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being rather than body shape and size. Fostering an environment of HAES and intuitive eating is the foundation of Leslie’s practice.

She loves working in the area of Pediatric Nutrition and offers Feeding Therapy through the Intuitive Feeding program in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Developmental Behavioral Aides

Nicole S.

Developmental Behavioral Aide


Bhavana G.

Developmental Behavioral Aide

Bhavana is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, where she is studying Psychology.

Outside of classes, she can be found conducting research focusing on neurodevelopmental disabilities at Alberta’s Children’s Hospital . 

Bhavana absolutely loves children, and strives to create a community that allows every child to succeed! 

Layla K.

Developmental Behavioral Aide

Hi, my name is Layal Khorfan and I am a passionate behavioral aide. I am a graduate from Bow Valley College through the Disability Studies Program and I am currently completing my degree at the University of Athabasca. I have approximately 4 years of experience supporting families with disabilities. I love collaborating with families and the team in the family home and community to assist the individuals in achieving their goals and dreams.

My favorite quote : “It’s about progress, not perfection”

Our team is in the process of growing. 

Please contact us if you are looking for therapists specializing in:

Speech Language Pathology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, and Nutrition. 


“I put in a request for an assessment for help with my husband. I don’t know what we expected but we were so pleased with our interview with Stephanie. She arrived promptly and immediately put my husband at ease. She listened to him and responded with warmth. She was efficient and very practical in assessing his needs. She was a delight to work with.” -Valerie & Colin