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Feeding Therapy

Our Intuitive Feeding program specializes in helping families with children who are struggling with self feeding.  

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor skills are essential for many functional activities in a child’s life to help them be independent! 

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Self Care Skills

Self-Care skills include tolieting, dressing, sleeping, bathing, grooming and brushing teeth. 

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The ability to control one’s emotions and alertness is key to learning and thriving in life. 

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Life Skills

Life skills include some of the following areas time management, community safety, transportation, money management and meal preparation.

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Social Skills

Interacting with others is an essential part of living a fulfilling life, we can help your child develop these skills. 

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Our services are provided in our client’s homes and communities, as we feel these are the most practical and beneficial environments to receive therapy in.

Intuitive Therapy Solutions runs as a private pay model. We are able to provide invoices for private insurance coverage and provide services to F.S.C.D funded clients. 

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